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The All American Volleyball Camp is a high-quality camp with outstanding female instructors. Their drills and progressions are excellent, and players that attend the camp will have a great opportunity to improve their skills while having fun learning from some of the top players in the country. I would highly recommend this camp to any Alaska high school coach.

Virgil HooeMidnight Sun Volleyball Club, AK

Kenai Peninsula high schools have been associated with All American Volleyball Camps for 16 years. The local coaches appreciate the willingness of All American staff to adjust the camp emphasis each year based on input from the local coaches. For the past five years, we have conducted a varsity team camp that combines both individual skill training with team training and team competition. This is a combination that our players enjoy and the coaches think maximizes the benefits of the camp to their team. The All American coaches who have staffed the camps have excelled at the highest levels of the sport and are excellent role models for our players.

Bruce KingSoldotna High School, AK 


Once again, the camp was wonderful!!!! Both girls were amazing, and all of my players loved them. They had so much knowledge of the game and were such great teachers/coaches. I will definitely use y’all again!!

Lou Lynn Stirling – Highland High School, AZ

This is our 2nd year having AAVC come to our school. Each year the girls and I learn new drills and grow as players. The girls look forward to the camp and the information they get. I would highly encourage you to consider having this great camp come to you!

Tamara Beck – Barry Goldwater High School, AZ

I loved the break out of drills and then incorporating 6 on 6 wash drills that focused on what we had worked on in the morning or early afternoon. My team ended the camp with better cohesion and refined skills.

Jeana Brown Florence High School, AZ

After observing a skills camp and a team’s camp I will never plan to take my team to any other camp. The All American Camp is based on what you want for your program. The coaches are not here to change your coaching they are here to help improve your program. They are easy to work with and very professional. The coaches care for the girls and want them to be the best on the court and off the court.

Belinda Quesada – Poston Butte High School, AZ

Another great camp experience for the players and our coaching staff. I appreciate the patience taken with the younger athletes and the motivational push for the more advanced athletes that want to take it to the next level. The AAVC coaches were top notch and are the reason we keep inviting them back!

Jaclyn Schnittger – Poston Butte High School, AZ

The All American Camp exceeded our expectations. Kate, Whitney and Madi were very good at communicating with the girls, they were excellent at breaking down and demonstrating skills. Many girls said that they learned more in these three days than any other camp they had attended. They felt that their skills were refined and they had fun! We definitely will host another camp. A great value for the cost!

Shellie Bowman – Prescott High School, AZ

All American is fantastic for many reasons–value, convenience of the camp being run in my own gym, terrific coaches, convenience of being able to choose my dates, etc. I would heartily recommend any program to try out All American–their players will have a superb experience, and their program will be strengthened greatly.

Arnold Stonebrink – Payson High School, AZ

All American Camp was a great jump-start to our season! It was so nice to pick up new, fresh ideas before the season started. I enjoyed observing the coaches interact and teach my girls. I was able to ask lots of questions, and get their opinion on our type of offense and who they saw as leaders. I highly recommend this camp!

Kelly McLeodDobson High, AZ

We had a great time. The girls learned a lot and even made up a song to help them remember correct form when passing the ball. The coaches came up with fun games that helped emphasize the basic skills. At our school, the girls come with little, if any, background in volleyball. We started with the basics on day one and gradually worked our way to the more complicated skills like spiking! After the first day we already saw improvement and the girls couldn’t wait until the next day to see what they were going to learn.

Cathy FreidellMaryvale High School, AZ

All American Volleyball provided two top-quality coaches who worked with our players on our specific needs (hitting, blocking, passing, and defense). The camp was great from the standpoint that it allowed more of our players to be involved – and at a great price for the quality! The coaches reinforced the fundamentals, and it was nice to have another voice in the gym prior to the start of our season. I would highly recommend All American Volleyball Camps to any Arizona high school coach.

Tammy QuetellRound Valley High School, AZ

The All American Volleyball Camp is an exceptional camp. The role models that are sent to coach during the camp are ones that the girls really looked up to. They were very skilled, and in addition gave the girls opportunities to ask questions about college volleyball. We adopted the types of drills that were used at camp throughout our season. All skills were directed at competition and goals as a team. The drills were designed to help the girls become better individual players, and at the same time they were becoming a better team. We had our first state championship in six years this year. I attribute starting the season off with the All American Volleyball Camp to our success at the end of the season.

Krista BrownThatcher High School, AZ

My All American Volleyball Camp was very informative for both my players and I. The instructors structured the camp towards the specific needs of our players. I’ve had several players and parents comment on how much their child learned and enjoyed the camp. Thank you for bringing your quality camp to our small town.

Shaye KlumpWilcox High School, AZ 


The Coaches were awesome. They wanted to know what I wanted for my team and adjusted accordingly. I learned some great new drills that I use daily.

Melissa Bowers – Bradshaw Christian High School, CA

When the coaches walked out of the gym after the final day of camp, my Varsity girls quickly asked “can we have them back again next year?!” The girls also said that it was the best camp that they can remember going to . We have had several organizations come to us over the years during the summer to put on camps, and I have to agree that this was by far the most organized, well instructed, and highly motivated coaching that we’ve come across. Well done!!

Shelli Ponce – Oakdale High School, CA


AAVC was a great experience for all of our girls. They skilled out the girls and were able to teach skills and systems at each level. The coaches were fantastic to work with. They went beyond just teaching skills and developed relationships with our girls and our coaches. We will definitely have them return next year.

Suzanne Robison- Frederick High School, CO

As one of my athlete’s parents said, “this camp was worth its weight in gold.” I couldn’t agree more. The coaches were professional and enjoyable. My girls received so many ball touches and really improved over the course of three days. I loved the convenience of the camp coming to us, and loved that the girls had opportunities to work and grow in their skill level before season. We will absolutely make this camp a staple for many summer seasons to come!

Caitlin – Pagosa Springs High School, CO

We were so lucky to get Alex, Deprece, and Kaitlyn. They were absolutely amazing, they worked on skills that I requested. The girls really enjoyed them! I was very impressed.

Kristen Perigo – Silver Creek High School, CO

AAVC did an excellent job with our players. We had a wide range of abilities and the coaches adjusted and tailored our camp to our needs. They were able to challenge the higher level players while simplifying the drills for the more limited skilled players. The drills were engaging, challenging and fun. We did a camp survey the last day and all of our players said they would like to have AAVC back, that they learned and improved, were challenged and they enjoyed the coaches.

Stacey Ellibee – Defiance Volleyball Club, CO

Amazing life lesson role models for young athletes!!!

Thaddeus CanoIgnacio High School, CO

We’ve used All American for three years now. They bring a great mix of coaches and allow players to see what the next level of volleyball looks like.

Chris KoernerNiwot High School, CO

All American Volleyball Camp came to our school and put on a great three day camp for kids ranging from 6th grade to seniors in high school The coaches were very knowledgeable, fun and worked well with the girls. They had a ton of new and different drills to teach the basic skills, and the girls enjoyed the variety of drills. This camp is great to teach and re-emphasize the fundamentals of volleyball.

Jamie PageBuena Vista High School, CO

All American Volleyball Camps provide flexibility to meet the coaches expectations and needs as well as the needs of all the athletes involved. It gives me a chance to sharpen up on my own coaching skills, and I also to learn ideas from other players around the nation. I am then able to take that knowledge back to my own team. I love the opportunity to work with young athletes and help them reach another level of their potential.

Shelly DraegerColumbine High School, CO

The coaches are professional, hard working and set high standards for the campers. These standards were achieved through the coaches’ innovative drills and their excellent training methods.

Liz HuddEvergreen High School, CO

The All American Volleyball Skills Camp was the best skills camp I’ve ever referred to my girls. I was very pleased with the knowledge and charisma of the young women who came to lead the camp. They were very open to any input I had, and worked my girls hard. I am definitely going to continue inviting the All American Volleyball Skills Camp to northwest Colorado. It was worth every dime for my program and the girls!

Becky Howlett-JacksonMoffat County High School, CO

We have been very please with the organization and overall quality of the camps. The coaches have great skills, are great teachers and are wonderful role models for our players. I will continue to use the All American Volleyball Camps as we continue to grow our program.

Marc VidulichNorth Glenn High School, CO

I loved the All American Camp! The coaches brought lots of new ideas and drills and the players had a great time and learned a lot. You could see the improvement in the girls from the beginning of the camp to the end. I would definitely recommend this camp!

Tracy SchreiberStandley Lake High School, CO


All American camp provides skills from the basics to high level challenging drills. The coaches were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, understanding and fun. They related to the kids and listened to my concerns and addressed them. I would highly recommend this camp to help your team.

Katherine Ets-Hokin – Coral Shores, FL

I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the volleyball camp. Everyone was very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable with the coaches they sent. I learned a lot, my girls learned a lot and I am excited about future camps being held at my school.

Jennifer Sewell Vernon High, FL

AAVC is great and the coaches are amazing. My players love working with the coaches and learning new drills.

Jennifer Sewell – Liberty County High School, FL

I’ve taken my kids to college-based team camps for years. The difference in individual development over the course of three days between All-American and the college team camps was day and night. Every single kid showed improvement in technique and mentality. For a young team needing touches and individual feedback, this camp was excellent and great value.

Jeff Worcester – Edgewood, FL

The camp was very organized and adapted to our players.

Beverly Baumer – Dixie County High, FL

This was a great camp and I loved that my players learned a lot and I was able to enjoy watching them play. It was convienant and allowed the new players to feel more comfortable and welcomed to the high school.

Jennifer Mallard – Winter Springs High School, FL

Sue and Lana were our coaches this year, and they were great. Being the newest head coach at our school, I told them both I need to build a program. They did very well with the last minute drop of my setter who had injured herself. both the JV and Varsity girls liked having this camp here on campus, they were sore, tired, and out of breath at the end of every day. That is a great camp in my books.

Amy Clark – Largo High School, FL

For those coaches who are looking to really improve your teams this is the best way to go. The players get the best for their money and it is very simple to set up and host at your school! I highly recommend it! My athletes loved this camp and learned a tremendous amount from it!

Heather Benson Columbia High School, FL

My team and I really enjoyed the AAVC. The focus on our team and individual details, made it one of the best camps we have attended. We will definitely use this camp again. We gained a lot of knowledge and can’t wait to use it in the coming season.

LeAnna Hall Altha Public School, FL

The camp was awesome! The coaches were great, and my players got amazing skills training. I was able to sit back and take notes and scout my own team while learning some new drills.

Ryan Kramer Osceola High, FL

The camp was awesome! The coaches were great, and my players got amazing skills training. I was able to sit back and take notes and scout my own team while learning some new drills.

Ryan Kramer Osceola High, FL

All American Volleyball Camp delivers one of the best individual skills camps my team has attended. The instructors effectively communicate with the head coach and design the camp to work on the areas you believe are most important for your team. The instructors are knowledgeable, energetic, and work hard to make sure each participant understands and display mastery of each concept. They are able to adapt their instruction in a way that allows varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen level players the opportunity to work on skills at their own ability level during the same camp. All American Volleyball Camp is quality instruction that I plan on utilizing to enhance my program for many years to come.

Troy WhitePalm Bay High, FL

I want to give a word of thanks for your help and for the coaches you sent me for our volleyball camp. They were motivated, talented and professional. I was happy to see the skills and drills they brought to our camp. They had our players’ undivided attention and were able to give a view of volleyball that our girls would not get to see on a first hand basis. To be guided by young ladies that actually played the game in college and are going further in the sport was priceless. I will definitely stay with your program for my volleyball camps.

Karla AmburgeyBaker County High School, FL

The All American camp was great! The staff was very well organized and enthusiastic. The camp was designed for the specific needs of my team which allowed us to work on our weaknesses. The fact that the camp was held in our school and the price of he camp was very affordable allowed a majority of my players to participate. The staff challenged the players, working them hard while making the camp fun with a variety of competitive drills. Overall, the All American Camp was a very positive experience for my players, and I would highly recommend this camp to other Florida coaches.

Tanya DurhamBloutstown High School, FL

The All American Volleyball Camp was a great experience for my team. The quality of the coaches provided was outstanding. Both coaches were professional, knowledgeable and our girls could easily relate to them as volleyball players. Best of all, they were proven winners form the University of Florida. Our volleyball team made tremendous strides this year thanks to these coaches provided by All American. This year, our varsity team had its first winning season in over six years, and our JV team went 13-2. It all starts with the commitment of our girls and their willingness to learn. The All American Camp helped lay the foundation for a successful season. I really felt the best part about the camp was that you came to us. It helped the parents financially, and it helped the girls because they were playing with their own teammates. We were able to have both our JV and Varsity teams at the same camp. An additional reason that I liked the camp was because we had it early in the summer (June) which allowed the girls to go to some additional camps at the major universities in Florida. I would recommend this program to any coach looking to take the next step towards a successful season.

Mark HagmanLake Region High School, FL

All American Volleyball Camps were exactly what Newberry High School needed. The coaches were amazing with the girls in both their instruction and competitive drills. They worked with the athletes as a team, but instructed them individually. Having the camp in our home gym allowed so many more ‘young’ athletes to attend summer camp. We had awesome coaches from the University of Florida, Amber McCray & Benevia Jenkins, who went above and beyond to help our team grow closer, as well as better. I do recommend the All American Volleyball Camp to any coach; it was an affordable way to keep your team working together over the summer.

Kelly HarrisNewberry High School, FL

The All American Volleyball Camp was an amazing experience for my girls volleyball program. The staff were incredible. Each brought in a different dynamic to the camp. All of the coaches demanded the athletes to give it their best and was best said by head coach Amanda Omar who constantly reminded the girls that “it takes no talent to talk and it takes no skill to demonstrate effort.” What I think the athletes walked away from the camp with was a better understanding of how the game is played. In addition, how they need to be prepared to accept challenges and how hard they could actually push themselves, most beyond their comfort zone. I also welcomed the concepts Amanda brought in as functional warm-ups and fitness components centralizing on the deficiencies and imbalances the athletes each had, particularly in their core and hip flexors. It was a wonderful experience, and I recommend the program to those looking to bring a team dimension to their programs. I look forward to working with them in future years.

Roger PelusoRansom Everglades High School, FL

The All American Camp is one of the best things that I have done for my girls. The instruction and bonding between the All American staff and my team was priceless. Having a camp at my school instead of going on the road was a great idea as all of my players go to train together at a much lower cost than a collegiate camp, while meeting the specific needs of my program. I look forward to having All American back in the future.

Perry DavisUnion County High School, FL 


The All American coaches brought our program to a new level of play. They are wonderful teachers of the game and were able to demonstrate with perfect skills. The players were amazed by them and would have loved a few more days of instruction! Thank you for treating the Lowndes High Volleyball program as if it were your own

Laine Craven -Lowndes High, GA

Allatoona HS had a great experience with AAVC. Having great instructors made the camp challenging and rewarding. The instructors were organized and there was no dead time. Consistently having the players moving, no one was standing around waiting for the next drill. The instructors will work towards your team goals for the year. Loved the hours of the camp and convenient for all players. We will definitely consider using AAVC again in the future!

Joseph Soley -Allatoona HS, GA

The camp was incredible! Our girls got so much out of it. The level of coaching exceeded our expectations and I could not have been happier with how Amie, Tiara, and Reese worked with our teams. I can’t wait to see how they grow moving forward this season. The girls were pushed to with high-intensity drills all day long. They left each day having left it all out on the floor, but came back the next day excited, motivated, and ready to do it all over again, and that is proof that the camp was worth every penny!

Cindy Perch – Bremen High School, GA

Gabby Brena was fantastic! She was constructive and patient with the girls. They learned from her and advanced in skill.

Tammy HorneWest Laurens High, GA 

Harris County Volleyball has rarely been disappointed in the quality of the coaching and skills learned with AAVC. This is our 5th year working with AAVC and our girls always improve.

Leigh Smith – Harris County High School, GA

Our first experience with All American was far beyond any of our expectations! As a coach, I loved that our AAVC coaches were willing to listen to my ideas about what we needed/wanted as a team. They provided a great balance of fundamentals, drills, and game-like situations, along with making just about everything they did both cooperative and competitive. Gabby and Amie were the perfect fit for our team! I’m not sure how you guys knew to send them our way, but it was definitely meant to be! My girls loved every single day of camp and all I kept hearing after it was over was how much they enjoyed the experience. For the convenience and price of AAVC, there’s no better value out there that I have found!

Lindsay Herrin – Habersham Central, GA

This is our 3rd year with AAVC and I can’t wait until they come again next year! The players Love the intensity and knowledge the Coaches bring into the Camp. They are always accommodating and willing to adjust to whatever it is you need from them for the logistics of your team for that particular year. I Love kicking off each year with a visit from the Professional, but fun, Coaches from AAVC.

Donna Parks – Gilmer High School, GA

AAVC did an outstanding job setting up skill and situation drills that my team needed. The intensity and expectation made the team learn and grow. I highly recommend AAVC!

Tammy Horne – West Lauren’s High School, GA

This is the second year AAVC has held a camp at our school. The girls love working with coaches who have played in college and professionally. The drills were designed to maximize the girls ability and to further technique. We highly recommend this camp. It is well worth it!

Leigh Smith – Harris County High School, GA

We were impressed with the depth of knowledge the coaches brought to the girls. We also liked that they were able to adjust the rigor from beginner to advanced. They demanded the best of each player which is what we expect.

Leigh Smith – Harris County High School, GA

Our team got more touches on the ball in one day with AAVC than we did in 2 and a half days at a local university camp last year. We are clearly a better team after this camp than past camps.
It is clear Dee Dee and Benavia love what they do. Their enthusiasm for teaching volleyball to younger players is evident.

Walt Ellison – Starr’s Mill High School, GA

Lakeview Academy used All American Volleyball Camp in the summer of 2011, and it was a very successful camp. Bonavia and Sherry were able to quickly identify our weaknesses as a team and geared the camp to best suit our needs. Those two ladies have a remarkable way of working with and relating to young people. At the close of camp my players were very positive about the entire experience, and it really helped to begin our season with a good fundamental base.

Rena MillerLakeview Academy, GA

All American Volleyball Camp has been a fantastic camp for my varsity team. They truly get a chance to measure their talent level on the team and also learn skills etc from some of the best players in the game. The girls love getting to compete against area schools and also learn from the other coaches at the camp not just “our” coach. North Hall has truly enjoyed working with All American Volleyball and look forward to many great camps in the future. A huge thanks to Steve and his staff for making this a top notch camp for my players.

Emi HughesNorth Hall High School, GA

After using All American for the past two summers, we are now 35-7, ranked in the top ten in the state and headed to the Sweet 16. I think it is safe to say that All American Volleyball Camps has had something to do with this. We appreciate the professionalism and care that your camp coaches conduct themselves with, and the way they relate to both the players and coaches. To say that your influence was felt by our program would be an understatement.

Joe NelsonWest Hall High School, GA


This is the 2nd year we have had AAVC come and put on a camp for our girls. We have had an amazing experience both years. The coaches are energetic, knowledgeable, and are fun but still demand the girls to work hard. I personally like seeing the drills that they run so I can see what works and what doesn’t for my teams. We will continue to use AAVC for our summer camp!

Jami Adair – American Falls, ID


Coaches push the players to be the best they can be and encourage them to work hard to improve each day.

Kylie Gray -Winnebago High School, IL

I was so happy to provide this opportunity to our players. I have worked college overnight camps and know the grind. This was a great alternative that was affordable and convenient. The coaches were great role models and impressive athletes that delivered first class instruction. They worked on the skills that I had requested and kept the campers moving and engaged.

Patty Brummond -Marian Central Catholic, IL

Our girls had such a great experience with All-American Camp this year. The coaches were very professional and tailored the camp to our needs for our upcoming season. It was refreshing to have new faces come in to teach our players higher level drills and skills that we can implement into our program.

Taylor Lafond Morris Community High School, IL

My players absolutely loved the three coaches that were sent to us by AAVC. They were young and incredibly skilled. By the conclusion of the third day, it was obvious that my girls were viewing these coaches as role models. It was a great overall experience!

Stephanie Kezios– Elk Grove High School, IL

AAVC exceeded my expectations once again! My players loved it, and I actually learned some new things!

Kendra Cox Winnebago High School, IL

My team was excited to have high caliber players running their camp. The coaches were knowledgeable and energetic. They brought new competitive drills that my girls enjoyed. The coaches loved the competitiveness that my team brought to camp everyday and could see they were up for the challenge.
Overall it was a great experience and a great alternative to the rising costs of college camps. I would recommend All American Volleyball Camps to other coaches.

Kary DowlingBradley Bourbonais Community High School, IL

I really enjoyed having AAVC come to MY gym where MY players were comfortable and working with them on their level. My girls picked up a lot of little things that we are going to be able to use and change to make a big difference in our game and style of play. As a coach it was reassuring to have athletes of this caliber come in and work with my players and see them saying and teaching the same things that I do!!! Sometimes it is just different when it comes from someone else besides their coach!! I truly enjoyed this camp and will look forward to having the opportunity again sometime!!

Julia DeterMorrison High School, IL

Our two coaches worked together wonderfully and had just the right mix of fundamental skills, offense and defense work, transition practice, and of course some really new and innovative games that were really drills in disguise! The girls didn’t want to leave at the end of the day and craved more! What a great opportunity! All-American is the way to go! I love how they help design the camp around your needs and the needs of the team.

Brett BlockParis Cooperative High School, IL

This was a my second year with All American Volleyball Camps. The coaches who ran the camp were energetic and full of volleyball knowledge. They worked with my coaches to see what kind of skills needed to be worked on with our girls. By developing this kind of relationship it helped make the volleyball camp successful. I believe the girls learned something during this camp that will help them continue to be better volleyball players. Thanks for the great experience!!!

Sara ShetterMilledgeville High School, IL

The All American Camp was a great experience for my athletes. The coaches were easy to work with, and I loved how they could relate to my athletes. The camp was tailored to what I felt our team needed for improvement, and I saw big improvements in the specific areas we worked on. My players loved working with the elite players and walked away from the camp with a great experience. I would definitely recommend the All American Volleyball Camp to my fellow Illinois coaches.

Amy BarrMorris High School, IL

We really enjoyed our experience with the All American Volleyball Camp this summer. Our coaches, Bryn Kehoe and Amanda Omar, were outstanding, well prepared, and able to work with a variety of skill levels. The drills, communication, and energy level brought in were exactly what our program needed during our rebuilding time. We definitely look forward to hosting the camp again in the near future, and recommend this opportunity to any program in need of rebuilding, skill maintenance, or advanced instruction. Northwest High School is proud to have had the opportunity to host the All American Volleyball Camp! Thanks again!

Lindsey CasteelNorthwest High School, IL

Our athletes were very enthusiastic about the All American Volleyball Camp held at Orion High School. Having the camp come to our gym and work on our schedule was the best possible way to have a camp experience for our girls. Compared to the costs of attending a college camp, it was very reasonable. The college-age clinicians were knowledgeable and related well to our athletes. It was a fun experience for me as a coach to be able to observe my athletes at work under someone else’s direction. The girls really enjoyed the new drills and the fast pace of the camp. Coaches and athletes were unanimous in their feeling that the camp was a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.

Jack WheelerOrion High School, IL


I have been using All American Camps for 8 years now. Each year, my athletes learn so much (especially the freshman). It is affordable (when you compare prices of outside camps). It is so convenient (because they come to your school) and the coaches have always been top notch!!! Thank you All American Camps!

Amy Bolen – Morgan Township, IN

Our coaches for the camp were fantastic with our players. They held them accountable to every drill and skill being worked on. All players at every level were challenged and evenly worked with by the coaches.

Chrissy Tuchscherer -Corydon Central High School, IN

Our All American Volleyball Camp experience was great. The camp was informative, challenging, and intense. In only three days I felt like my team was transformed and a different group of athletes emerged that were more driven and confident. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this season.

Chris Johnson Southwestern High School, IN

On behalf of my players and myself, I can testify that we enjoyed the AAVC and our coaches very much. Our coaches did an excellent job working with the players and set high expectations, which was wonderful from a coaching standpoint.

Maddy Falkenstein – North Posey High School, IN

The opportunity for my players (all of them) to meet and work with D1 volleyball players/coaches was just what my program needed. The price and location of our own gym made it possible for my girls to have the common experience.

Amanda Ratliff– Greenwood High, IN

This camp was perfect for our kids. Lots of individual work and attention with a focus on team included. Can’t beat the quality of instruction for the price and the convenience of it being at your place!

Hilary Laidig NorthWood, IN

The three days spent with AAVC were very productive, beneficial, energetic, and fun. A wealth of knowledge was gained by the players as well as the coaches.

June Rigney – Greensburg High School, IN

The camp ran by AAVC was great! The coaches were very knowledgeable, intense, and prepared with great drills for camp. This camp challenged my players and taught them so much. I was very impressed with the knowledge and skill the coaches brought to our camp. I would highly recommend AAVC! 

Lauran Nichols – Southmont High School, IN

After having several team camps, this was by far the best instruction our team has had. It was also the cheapest. The organization is very well organized to give the athletes more than what they pay for. I would recommend this camp to any team.

Casey Bough – Paoli High School, IN

The camp was a great value for the experience, cost and knowledge that coaches had.
Loved that the coaches had so many valuable experiences to share with the girls. It gave them a lot of insight into volleyball at other levels.

Cathy DeFries – Winamac, IN

The All American Camp was great! Our players loved the opportunity to work with each other on team building skills along with team concepts. Our coaches enjoyed watching the All American staff break up the girls into positions and build their individual skills. It was so convenient and economical to have the camp come to us. We had more girls able to participate and the camp was designed to the specific needs of my program. The organization was excellent, the staff was highly skilled and professional, and the experience was very positive for my players. I would highly recommend this camp to all Indiana high school coaches and teams.

Wendy PitcockLowell High School, IN

All American worked with me around my team’s schedule and created a terrific camp experience for my players. The coaches inspired my players by setting high standards, working them hard, but at the same time making the camp fun. My players loved it! This fall we had our best season ever at 23-9, and the All American Camp was one of the things that helped propel us forward. I highly recommend the All American Camp to any coach who wants their team to have a great training experience.

Josh LeeNorwell High School, IN

This was my first experience with All American Volleyball, and it proved to be a great decision! The cost was very reasonable and the fact that the camp came to our school allowed more of our players to be involved. The camp was highly organized and the coaches were excellent. One coach was a former player at USC and the other from Ohio State. Both women were highly skilled and very knowledgeable about the game. Hard work and fun were mixed in each session, and the camp was designed to meet my team’s specific needs. I will definitely use the All American Camps again, and I recommend it to other Indiana high school coaches.

Tara CurtsUnion City High School, IN 

This is an awesome camp! We first used AA Camps last year and were so impressed with it, that we committed to do it again this year as soon as camp was over last year. It is very professionally run. Steve and Erin are great communicators and organizing this with them was very smooth. They truly care about providing you with quality coaches and a quality camp. The coaches were organized and provided a quality camp to our players. I would absolutely recommend this camp!

Lynnette SteckleinPrairie High School, IN 


After the camp was completed, I had a feedback session with the attending players and what I heard the most was how they appreciated the amount of “push” these coaches provided. Based on my discussions with them (coaches) they made sure the girls met my expectations or they were punished! Oddly enough, this is what the players felt they needed. Another coaching point was how they made the girls repeat drills/skills until they got it right. Bottom line, the girls felt this was the best camp they have experienced.

Tim Martin – Muscatine High School, IA 

The coaches worked with in my guidance and touched on everything I felt needed to be discussed or worked on. The variety of drills kept the girls energized and entertained at the same time.

Tim MartinMuscatine High School, IA


The camp was so educational, and completely fitted our needs. The coaches were amazing and my girls loved them.

Cassie Maynard – Durand High School, MI

AAVC is the BEST camp and I am so happy I made the decision to switch over. I have been doing AAVC for 7 seasons and have never once been disappointed. The counselors are very relatable to the girls and have an easy time making relationships with them. You don’t have to worry about traveling and over night accommodations for the girls because they come to you! I will continue to use AAVC in my program year after year!

Mallory Slate – Boyne City High School, MI

Jenna and Lauren (coaches) were wonderful to work with. It’s nice to have others to bounce off ideas and strategies with. We all had the same outcome in mind; success and improvement to the athlete.

Chelsea Brozo – Grosse Point North, MI

The coaches that came to our gym from All-American Camp had a very strong knowledge of skill development and great passion and enthusiasm. They came every day to the gym with well thought out and organized lesson plans and were able to adjust if the skills weren’t where they had hoped they would be. I would highly recommend this camp to all my colleagues for value and spot-on skill education.

Penny Cook- Freeland, MI

AAVC is the best camp that you can do for your players. Unlike other team camps that you attend, you as the coach can cater your camp to what you would like your players to know/work on. I love that you can split your players up so the 9th graders are getting as much out of the camp as the 12th graders, that doesn’t always happen at other camps you attend. On top of all of that you do not need to worry about transportation, lodging, and food because you get to host the camp right at your High School.

Mallory Slate Boyne City High School, MI

Our AAVC coaches not only coach at a high level and help our girls and program improve in such a short time, but they also genuinely care about making them better players. They want our program to succeed and truly give their best effort to help.

Elizabeth Kaylor-Palmer– Dexter, MI

I like the flexibility this camp provided as our school was undergoing major renovations and due to construction, adjustments in the venue were imminent. These guys made this super easy and still met our kids’ needs.

Tori Blystone – Harrison High School, MI

This is our second year with AAVC and both years have been a great experience. Beyond the volleyball, which they teach very well, its the roll model of the coaches as collegiate and professional players that provides great value to the camp and to the players. They take the time to share their experiences and let the girls ask questions. It goes beyond the volleyball. But there was lots of volleyball too!

Jerry Eisinger – Fenton, MI

The best part about the camp is they tailored the instruction toward exactly what we wanted and challenged the girls on a regular basis. Abby and Paige connected with the players very quickly.

Ryan Wilson  Crosswell-Lexington, MI

This a wonderful camp! The coaches called a few days prior to camp to ask what I wanted my players to work on. The coaches were awesome; easy to work with, demanding of the players, and brought a lot of experience and knowledge to the gym. It was nice for my players to get instruction from someone aside from myself and my coaching staff for a change.

Stephanie Miller – Airport High School, MI

It was great having role models for the girls who are female and professional athletes coaching them in camp. Their knowledge and experience in volleyball earned instant respect with our players and it led to a very good camp experience. We will use AAVC again.

Jerry Eisinger – Fenton High School, MI

The coaches provided were knowledgeable, well spoken, and encouraging to all of our players. Professional at all times and interacted great with our players.

Susan Bostian – Pinckney High School, MI

I really enjoyed the experience of All-American Volleyball Camp. This was a great way to jump-start or summer and prepare our team for the upcoming season. The coaches executed a great plan for the camp, there was non stop teaching all three days. All American Camp will be on the agenda for next season.

Tim Zigila – Grayling High School, MI

The AAVC was absolutely the best camp my girls have attended yet. The coaches were phenomenal and so accommodating to the level of players. So worth the money!

Pam Wesley – Chesaning Union High School, MI

Our experience with All American Volleyball Camps was incredible! From the stellar coaching staff to the convenience of working in our own gym, it was by far the best decision for our program. Working with AAVC allowed us to benefit more players, at an extremely reasonable rate! The three coaches had a wealth of knowledge and were great role models for our players. Our athletes received a more intense, instructional experience than we have in the past while attending other university camps. All American Volleyball Camps gave us a strong start to our preseason! We’re certainly going to continue working with AAVC in the future!

Amy Yuill – HH Dow High School, MI

The coaches are well educated in volleyball and coaching. I greatly appreciated the coaches willingness to focus on specific skills I asked for in creative new drills. The players appreciated the gentle corrections given and proactive coaching through all sessions.

D’Ann Dunn – Dexter High School, MI

I was very pleased with the coaches and how well they ran the camp. They pushed all the campers to be the best they can. Every camper improved in some way.

Megan Simpson – Powers Catholic High School, MI

The camp was very cost efficient and convenient for my players. The coaches were personable and related well with my team.

Jodi Manore Bedford High School, MI

The camp we hosted last summer from All American Camps was a lot of fun! Having an opportunity to meet and learn from the coaches was such a highlight! The coaches were able to bring a no-nonsense type of personality that helped the girls in a rural area to learn what it takes to be a top notch athlete. I would highly recommend this camp to any rural volleyball coach seeking an upper level type of learning and coaching in our own gym! Thank you!

Sarah PeuraMarquette High School, MI

Our All American Volleyball Camp experience this summer was awesome! From the player’s and parent’s perspective: ‘They have never had so much fun and learned so much about volleyball in three days before’ (their words); they insist we make this an annual event. From the coach’s perspective, we were thankful for the sound technique that was taught by the instructors (as it complimented our program goals), impressed with their ability to keep the learning process fun, upbeat, and fresh, and appreciative of their interest in developing a camp that met our specific needs and challenged. In many ways our players and coaching staff were inspired by the All American Volleyball Camp experience and believe our future success will prove it.

Patty VandeventerColumbia Central High School, MI

All American Volleyball puts on an impressive camp. The camp was scheduled and arranged to suit the specific needs of our players. The high-quality coaches were dynamic and loaded with instructive and competitive drills. The camp was run to maximize our players time, energy, and learning. I could not have been happier with the entire process of scheduling, communication with the staff, and the camp itself. Our athletes are better volleyball players as a result of All American Volleyball.

Alana KoolJenison High School, MI


What a great experience! These two coaches meet my group of very young, inexperienced girls right where they were at. It was amazing to start from the basics – this allowed all my freshmen the chance to learn new terminology and our older girls to go back and correct bad habits that have slipped in over the years. It was also nice to watch someone else coach my kids and see how they interacted with constructive criticism from someone new. Maddie and Gabbie were fun, tough, and cared about my girls’ success.

Kassidy Hannah Butler High School, MO

The All American Camp was outstanding. I felt that our athletes really got a lot for the money they paid to attend camp. The coaches that were sent to us were exceptional and worked very well with our girls. They were great teachers and motivators. We would definitely consider having an All American Camp at Hermann High School again.

Linda Lampkin – Hermann High, MO

All American Volleyball Camps was the best thing I could have done for my players. The coach that came had new drills and teaching styles that clicked with my girls. She was patient and pushed my girls to be their best.

Linzy Freeman – Sherwood High School, MO

The All-American camp and coaches were top notch! My girls truly enjoyed the experience, especially the Q & A time with the coaches. The coaches created relationships and trust with our players so that it was easier to instruct and coach. All-American helped our players grow as players and young ladies.

Mark Morrison – Fort Zumwalt North High School, MO

All-American Volleyball Camp was AMAZING! The coaches were great and was quality for sure. My players loved them and they learned A LOT in ONLY 3 Days. Amazing Camp!! We will be inviting All-American Volleyball Camp back to our school next year.

Erica Polk – Clyde C Miller High School, MO

Thank you for a great 3 days of fun instruction. This camp was perfect! We will definitely have an All American camp again!

Susan Dean – Parkway West, MO

All American Volleyball Camp was every bit of what I expected. There was elite training, and it was affordable for all of my players. The two camp instructors were very knowledgeable about the game, and they immediately bonded with our players. It was great to have them teach some of the same skills that I have implemented in my program except the instructors took each skill one step further to make them more advanced. I saw each player in my program make progress throughout the three days. The players absolutely loved this experience, and this camp will be a constant in our program for years to come. Everything they taught was geared toward the goals of our program. I would highly recommend this camp for other programs in our area.

Darren IsaakIncarnate Word Academy, MO

The camp coaches were enthusiastic and knowledgeable… our team was at different skill levels, and I felt like they did a great job of challenging all skill levels. The girls improved and had fun doing it. We would recommend this type of team camp to anyone who wants a quality team camp, and not have to travel to experience it.

Stephanie BatesGlendale High School, MO


The camp was great with teaching the fundamentals in all aspects of the game. The coaches were easy to work with and the girls enjoyed the competitive gameplay.

Danielle Robison -Shepherd High, MT

We had a wide variety of talent from 8th graders who have not played to seniors in high school who have been on varsity since they were freshman. I had to let in 8th graders to get the minimum amount of girls. The coaches did such a good job doing drills that all players could do and they showed great patience with the girls that were not as strong in their skills as others were. All of the players seemed to get a lot out of it. It was good for returning volleyball players to kind of get back to basics and have a good refresher course and working on their own skills before season. It was a very successful camp.

Nikki Burke – Laurel High School, MT

As a first year hosting an All-American Camp I have nothing but good things to say. Everyone was easy to work with. My campers, as well as myself, learned a LOT. I saw improvement from day one to day three. The coaches had great energy.

Callee Peebles – Shields Valley High School, MT

The All American Volleyball Camp was an unbelievable camp for my players this past summer. The coaches were very knowledgeable and worked with me on what I specifically needed my girls to work on. They were always prepared and came in with a variety of drills that I myself, as well as my players, had never seen or done before. It was nice to have the pressure off of me to run the camp and to come up with new and interesting ways to present the same skills. I planned our camp two weeks before the start of the season so afterwards the girls were ready to get started and to make it a good one. A good one it was!! We won the State Championship for our class and became the first team in our schools history to do it! Thank you Steve, Whitney and Sabel!!

Jennifer EbrightLaurel High School, MT, 2012 State Champions

All American Volleyball Camps was a perfect fit for our program. They were affordable and efficient. Not only did they bring fast paced skills and drills to the court, they focused on ways to enhance our program goals by maximizing each player’s potential. Steve Pickering and his crew were responsive to our needs and made our first experience with All American Volleyball Camps an excellent one.

Audrey TomsichBig Sky High School, MT 


Our players enjoyed the camp a great deal. I was impressed on how hard they worked for the 2 coaches that came in. They were very enthusiastic and intense about volleyball, which transferred into the attitude of our players. The players that attended gained immensely from this camp.

David Lashley – Gering High School, NE

Our players enjoyed having the coaches come in and explain things in a different way. We saw results immediately. The coaches pushed our kids hard and expectations were high! Very enjoyable and a great learning experience for my coaching staff as well!

Heidi Field – Columbus High School, NE

The former players that came to Valentine, NE for the 2012 All-American Camp were exceptional coaches for our athletes. Brooke Delano (UNL) and Emily Brown (KU) formed a great connection with the players and all the players responded and connected well with the coaches. I was very pleased with the outcome of the camp and the different skills the coaches touched on for each area of volleyball. They were very interested in what the team’s goals were for the 2012 season and even stayed in touch with us throughout the season. It was a great experience for all involved.

Danielle ArganbrightValentine High School, NE

My kids really enjoyed the All American Volleyball Camp. There was a great deal of enthusiasm by camp instructors who gave quality personal instruction. the athletes learned so much and improved in their skills. They especially enjoyed interacting with and getting to know their instructors. It was a very cost effective way of getting elite level instruction.

Lisa MasonBertrand High School, NE

The clinicians at the All American Camp got actively involved with our players, teaching and being great role models. During the season we saw players using the techniques they learned during the summer at this camp, which is the ultimate goal of any individual camp.

K. C. BelitzColumbus Lakeview High School, NE

The All American Camp was a great experience for our girls. The camp was highly organized and I appreciated the coaches calling ahead asking what I wanted them to focus on and continued throughout the camp to ask for my input. The most important thing for me as a head coach, was that the All American staff kept the drills running smoothly and had high expectations for my players. The staff pointed out our strengths as a team as well as our weaknesses. The individual lessons offered in the evenings were a huge benefit for my players. My players felt they learned a great deal in a short time.

Chris KarnHoldrege High School, NE

The All American Volleyball Camp was a great way for me to see what needed to be done with our team, especially as a first year head coach. Your coaches were very knowledgeable and showed our girls what they are truly capable of doing. I have watched our team struggle these past few years because of bickering among players and a lack of confidence with one another. After three full days of helpful drills, defensive and offensive options, and just having a great time while learning, our team really came together and saw in one another what each person was capable of contributing to our team. Your coaches were willing to make suggestions for me for the type of offense and defense they would suggest based on our players’ abilities. I used many of their suggestions and drills during our season and I was pleased with our results. We wouldn’t have had such an improvement without you or your staff. You can be assured we will be calling on you again to come put on another camp. I would even like to add one for my Middle School players as well. Thanks again for helping me prepare as a first year head coach and giving our girls an opportunity.

Teresa RollsSydney High School, NE

The experience from the All American Skills Camp was a great way to start off our season. The girls got some great bonding time in, learned some new drills, and improved on fundamentals. The coaches did an excellent job of keeping my team focused and still allowing time for fun and competition. We referred back to the camp many times through out the season and really utilized the new drills they taught us. Also, AA Camp made everything so convenient for us with traveling to York and staying 3 days, the cost for the girls, and also working around the number of girls we wanted to have attend the camp 9-12. Thanks All American Camp!

Kayla MakovickaYork High School, NE


This was the first year having AAVC come and do our volleyball camp for us. It was a very valuable and enjoyable experience for the athletes and the instruction they received from the coaches was very helpful in their skill development. The team connection also improved by the end of the 3 day camp and the felt ready and confident to start the volleyball season. I would highly recommend AAVC and look forward to seeing them again next year!

Kenna Almberg- White Pine, NV 


I love kick-starting the season with AAVC. Coaches are knowledgeable and kids love it!

Carmen Bates – Westlake, NY

This is the second year we had AAVC come to our town and they didn’t disappoint! The coaches were direct and knew their content; you could see their passion through their teaching. My girls were worked mentally and physically. Such a great way to start our season!

Kaitlin Rodriguez – Warwick Valley High, NY

This is our 4th year of the All American Camp. Each year is slightly different but each year has always been excellent. The coaches are knowledgeable, good teachers, easy to work with, professional, and kind to the players. It is so convenient and my players say better than any camp they have attended (that includes many Division 1 colleges). I saw many improvements in my players by day three.

Katy Sherwood – Yorktown High School, NY

This camp was exactly what I was looking for. The flexibility to pick the dates I wanted made it that much better. Once the coaches walked in and introduced themselves, my girls’ chins hit the floor. Their knowledge, compassion, and patience was outstanding. Thank you Marissa and Kiera for all you did with Warwick Valley HS! 

Kaitlin Rodriguez – Warwick Valley High School, NY

AAVC sent two extremely experienced coaches that were able to share their experiences and skill set to my student-athletes. The knowledge my athletes gained was astronomical. If you want to develop your athletes into VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS, this is a great camp to have at your school.

Matt Lacy Corinth High School, NY

Camp was awesome-the coaches were not only knowledgeable and talented but worked well with the children. I highly recommend this camp!

Carmen Bates – Westlake High School, NY

We had a great experience with All American Volleyball Camps. The Coaches they sent were fantastic and were very knowledgeable. They consistently communicated with us in order to determine what we wanted them to work on and designed a very solid camp plan to meet those needs.

Nicole Neill – Greece Arcadia and Greece Athena High School, NY

Rather than have players attend various camps where the quality of instruction is not always known because helpers often conduct many of the drills, All American only has their coaches instruct on skills and conduct drills. They are very flexible to work on requested skills, especially team skills. This was our second year, with different coaches each year, and the response is always the same – the players felt it was the best camp they attended. Plus having it in your own gym at a reasonable cost given the quality of instruction is why we will continue to use them.

Mike Sheridan – Academy of Notre Dame, NY

The kids and coaches walked away with a wealth of knowledge. This by far the best experience and created an eagerness within the players to keep up the effort they put forth during the camp.

Emily Krieger – Our Lady of Lourdes High School, NY

Being a new head Varsity Volleyball coach, I am doing my best to build up the program. Gwen Rucker and Stephanie Zielinski did a fantastic job adjusting to our program needs! They reinforce and encouraged skills and strategies I had been teaching from a new perspective! They also taught new skills and drills that will add to the development of our program. I am very impressed with how well Stephanie and Gwen taught each skill to such a wide range of athlete’s grades 7-12. They installed confidence in campers in each drill, allowing them to perform at a higher level! My athletes said Gwen and Stephanie made learning fun! Thank you!!

Corrine McAuliffe – Dana West High School, NY

All American Volleyball camp was amazing! The coaches offered opportunities for all skill levels. It was a chance for Schuylerville players to learn the fundamentals, better their skills, and work with amazing coaches. Gwen and Stephanie not only made it challenging but fun at the same time. The girls were eager to start each day with zero complaints. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity again next year. Thanks for a great three days, my girls didn’t want it to end!!!

Kristin Poutre – Schuylerville High School, NY

AVVC is such an amazing camp. I am beyond happy with the coaching staff they provided. They were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, personable, organized, and professional. I saw so much improvement in ALL of my players in only 3 days and some I saw improvement in an hour! I will definitely be using them again next year.

Katy Sherwood – Yorktown High School, NY

Great experience for all players, coaches, and parents.
The players were pushed to improve all skills. The coaches learned new drills and observed new teaching techniques. The camp was very affordable and convenient for parents.

Donna CollierSouth Glens Falls High School, NY

The All American coaches brought an energetic and challenging experience to our annual summer camp event. The coaches came organized and ready to gear the activities toward the skill and ability of the campers. They were great role models, challenged the athletes, worked great with our local coaches, and we will no doubt be looking to have them back for next summer.

Eileen RovitoMayfield High School, NY

The All American volleyball camp was one of the best programs I have had the pleasure of sending my athletes to. My girls often attend several volleyball camps in the summer, however this camp was clearly the most rewarding camp for my girls. The two female athletes were wonderful to work with and to learn from. They made the camp very personable and helped the girls to fundamentally learn skills that are often overlooked at other camps. The best part was that as a coach, I was able to learn new and exciting drills and techniques from them as well. Steve and Erin were great in helping to arrange the camp. The camp was well organized and the girls all learned a lot. I fully believe that it was the fundamentals that the girls learned at this camp that helped them make it to their section final game. This camp made such an impression that we plan on having another camp this summer. It has also encouraged other schools to want to send their girls to this camp as well. If you coach volleyball, this camp is something you should bring to your school. You will not regret it.

Jessica FriotEdwards-Knox Central School, NY 


We have done two camps with AAVC and I have been thoroughly satisfied each time. Having accomplished athletes in our home gym draws interest, and the girls are extremely relatable. It’s a great opportunity for my players to see what volleyball has done in the lives of others beyond college.

Lauren Morrow- Sidney, OH

This camp met the needs of my players and helped me build a better program! The coaches worked well with my players and met their individual needs!

Rachel Sims  Peebles High School, OH

AAVC is a great experience for your High school athletes. Having former college players run camp is a great way to motivate your players who want to play at the next level. Their insight and guidance for players and coaches is much appreciated. You won’t be disappointed!

Emily Allsop  – Avon Highschool, OH

I love AAVC! The coaches were awesome and my girls were able to relate and benefit greatly from the knowledge and skills they were taught. I would recommend AAVC to all my coaching friends and I will definitely have them back next season!

Katlynne Baker  – Clearview High, OH

We had an amazing experience. To have two college level coaches come and work one-on-one with our girls was amazing. We loved that it was designed for our team and the coaches had so much knowledge to bring to the girls.

Shelli Sanzo – Grandview Heights, OH

Ingrid and Lauren did a great job coaching our AAVC! The team learned so much in the three camp days, and were pushed hard to reach their goals. The coaches gave my staff and I valuable guidance on how to improve our program and to keep going in the right direction. Thank you!

Juli Grove – Claymont, OH

This was our first year having AAVC to our school. The intensity that Jen, Lauren, and Erica brought was fantastic. They were able to show my players and myself a new level that we need to be at all the time. I liked the coaches honesty about my players and I was able to learn from them. All three coaches were willing to talk with me and answer any of my questions that I had.

Tricia Rosenbeck – St. Henry High School, OH

Overall, AAVC exceeded my expectations. The coaches were intense and held the girls to high expectations, while also working to develop confidence in my players. I felt as though the coaches gave immediate feedback, and truly took pride in helping the girls improve their game. It was a great experience, and I will definitely have AAVC back next year.

Julie Bendzuck – Avon High School, Ohio

Kayla & Me’Ashah connected well with the girls. They were right on point with what I wanted my athletes to hear. They were energetic and my athletes really fed off that. It was a great experience.

Jeff Pitzen – Notre Dame Academy, OH

This was an amazing camp for the players. They learned a lot and you could see improvement after day 1. I am glad I had the opportunity to have them come and work with my girls. I would highly recommend it to any coach.

Brittany Egbert – Wapakoneta High School, OH

This was our first year with AAVC and I am thrilled with what my players learned. Each day the players were excited to begin training and their volleyball IQ increased. The coaches were knowledgeable and personable. I definitely recommend this camp to any school with players of any ability!

Emma Keough – Clermont Northeastern, OH

The coaches that All American sent connected extremely well with our players. They offered a vast range of knowledge that all of our players were able to understand, regardless of skill level. It was an extremely well-run camp. Our players loved Kelci, Ashley and Lauren. Thanks All American for a great camp!

Jody Bauman – Franklin Monroe, OH

Wow, awesome camp, great coaches with lots of knowledge and an ability to keep the athletes motivated and wanting to work hard. The coaches really understood our program when they walked through our gymnasium doors because they made contact with the head coach prior to walking in which allowed them to get to work right away. Thank you very much All-American…..would not hesitate to recommend you!

Dawn Moses – Olmsted Falls High School, OH

Alexa and Lauren were easy to work with, had a good sense of humor, and won over the girls’ hearts right from the get-go. I would definitely want them in my gym any time, any day. They are go-getter athletes and just what my players needed.

Leah Eft – Edison High School, OH

The camp was awesome, the coaches worked great with the kids and my coaches. My players finished the camp with new skills and psyched for the season. Will definitely have All American Volleyball back in the future.

Amy Stultz Fostoria High School, OH

We appreciated everything that the All American Camp did for our girls at Badin H.S. They showed us a variety of drills and game play activities that improved our ability to play in the “tough” league that we play in during the season. I would recommend this camp to any coach that is looking to teach their girls what it takes to get ready for their volleyball season. The girls loved the fact that our instructors took time to get to know each camper as well as talking to them about what they need to do to be ready to play in college. I plan on using their camp every year to get our girls the proper training and skills they need to succeed.

Robert SheltonBadin High School, OH

The All American Camp created an environment that allowed our athletes to do their best learning and playing. The camp provided a strong focus on individual fundamental techniques coupled with building team relationships in a fast paced setting. The instructors brought a healthy mix of playing expertise and instructional aptitude, and were able to connect with the athletes on a personal and professional level. Their flexibility to adapt the agenda to center around the areas that I designated allowed me to be heavily involved without actually providing ‘hands-on’ instruction.

Scott NelsonDublin Scioto High School, OH

We have really enjoyed All American Camps the past 3 years. It is nice because it is inexpensive and the girls can have camp at their own high school while still learning from collegiate All-American players. Also, the camp is geared towards what I want the girls to focus on. Our girls said they have worked hard and learned so much, too.

Amy SteiningerMarion High School, OH

The All American Camp was a great experience for my players. My varsity team participated in the team camp early in the summer and we hosted the skills camp for all of my high school players later in the summer. The atmosphere of both camps was great. My players had the opportunity to be coached by high caliber players both at the collegiate and professional levels. These coaches were wonderful in their instruction and motivation of my players. During the team camp, my players were given the opportunity to bond and work on the necessary team and individual skills in the morning. Then they were able to put those skills to practice against other teams in the afternoon team competitions. The camp that was held at our school gave all of my players the opportunity to obtain one-on-one instruction in a comfortable, familiar setting. The instructors focused on the needs of my individual program and developed those necessary skills.

Leslie BoeyMarysville High School, OH

I recommend the All American Volleyball Camp 110%. The players in my program have had the awesome experience for three years and our team was able to improve tremendously. The professionals that worked our camps were unbelievable. They were so easy to work with, organized and provided me with individual skills my girls needed to work on. I only wish I could have had them for a week! It is well worth the money and my athletes enjoyed seeing an up close view of what it takes to be a professional player. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!

Marci TruexPickerington North High School, OH

Sending our varsity team to the All American Volleyball Team Camp allowed for great instruction and wonderful opportunities for playing experience before the season ever began. Our varsity team developed a bond early in the pre-season as a result of participation in this camp. In the meantime, our younger players have also benefited from the one-on-one instruction front the All American staff through a skills camp designed just for them. The combination of these two camps provide great learning and competitive opportunities for younger and older athletes throughout our program to develop into better players before the first day of practice in August.

Erin MayneUpper Arlington High School, OH 


These camps (& I have attended many as a coach, parent and player myself) are some of the best I have seen. The coaches are knowledgeable, approachable, experienced, relevant, well I just can’t say enough positive about them. They continually impress me with their level of professionalism. I will keep running this camp year after year because it is so effective.

Lorinda Shew- Brookings Harbor, OR

Kimika and Rachel provided a camp that was above my expectations. My girls absolutely loved them and they were great at communicating with me and allowing me to be involved in everything. Best team camp ever and I hope they can come back and work with us again next year!

Kelli Fitzpatrick – Santiam Christian High School, OR

For our varsity team, the All American Team Camp was time and money well spent. Our players needed to develop their skills as well as grow together as a team! All American provided us with both, through individual skill training and competitive games against other varsity teams. The staff was excellent, and the camp was well organized. Everything ran smoothly all three days.

Troy CooperCoquille High School, OR

The overall package of quality coaching, organization and a positive, challenging camp environment makes All American Volleyball Camps one of the best deals around. Steve’s coaches are not only some of the best players in the country, but they are excellent role models who will challenge your players in a college type training experience. I would highly recommend this camp to any Oregon high School coach.

Rick LorenzCentral Catholic High School, OR

The All American Team Camp was amazing. Steve was so easy to work with. The coaches were highly qualified, and they brought tons of energy and excitement to the volleyball court. The camp was extremely affordable, competitive, helpful, fun and such a great way to start off the season for athletes and coaches. The All American Team Camp touched on all aspects of the game regardless of the skill level of the team. Not only was it a great experience for the teams, it was equally awesome for the coaches. The camp not only improves and strengthens player skills and mental toughness but also promotes teamwork and positive attitudes. I can’t begin to thank you enough and we look forward to seeing you next summer!

Maria KilbornNorth Vally High School, OR

I have used All American Camps for the last five years that I have coached, and I can say without a question that they have played a large role in the improvement in these programs. The coaches and their experiences are a unique and positive factor in these camps. Their knowledge of the game and the ability to teach are first rate. I also very much enjoy the freedom to determine what is taught and worked on in camp.

Chris MeyersSandy High School, OR

Steve Pickering and All American Volleyball run a great team camp. Our kids loved the coaching and competition provided. It was a great opportunity for skill development and team bonding. I would highly recommend this camp to any Oregon coach.

Lad SalnessSunset High School, OR 


The coaches were great! Very knowledgeable and strict, yet fun! I would highly recommend this group!

Courtney CampbellHegins, PA

Camp registration/organization was easy compared to what I had to do in the past when we attended resident volleyball camps. Steve and Erin consistently reached out to ensure that all of our camp needs were met. I was impressed with the attitudes of our coaches. They were positive, focused and energetic. They quickly assessed the needs of the players in attendance, and adjusted their coaching accordingly. They pushed our athletes to always give their best physically and mentally. In addition, they echoed my coaching style in that players can have fun while they work hard. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend All American Volleyball Camps to my fellow coaches.

Jackie MillerHalifax Area High School, PA

AAVC provided an invaluable custom designed experience for our players!

Lori Beard – Richland High School, PA

The coaches were excellent with my girls. The girls absolutely loved the camp and the coaches. It was great to have former DI All-American girls with a pedigree give examples of what to strive for and to set the perfect example for the girls! I would love to do this every year.

Ryan Brewer – Owen J. Roberts, PA

This camp was AMAZING! From setting up dates, to receiving the information for registration, to setting up the coaches and making sure the payment was complete was flawless! The coaches (Deja and Beckie) were tough but fair with the campers and pushed them out of their comfort zone to do things they didn’t think they could. They also taught ME as the coach how far I could push to get higher results from the team. The skill drills were mixed with “play” and high intensity competition (along with some consequences) to set the expectation for camp. I’ve already spoken to our AD about bringing AAVC back next year! Thank you for helping move our program to the next level!

Michael Morret – Boiling Springs High School, PA

The AAVC coaches were great for our team. They were skilled instructors, knowledgeable coaches, and overall great role models for our girls. The camp was quick paced and engaging, while remaining challenging for the duration. Our athletes worked harder at volleyball than they ever have before, but they loved every second of it.

Tim Joyce – Penn Manor, High School PA

Awesome experience both for athletes and coaches. Erin and Rachel went above and beyond to work with our girls to boost confidence, team cooperation, and communication, basics to high-level volleyball. The girls were constantly engaged and on the move for all activities and the knowledge they took in was amazing! Mifflin County is looking forward to working with AAVC again in the future!

Krystena Brown – Mifflin County High School, PA

I had a young team this year and thought this camp would provide them with a great base of volleyball skills and strategies. My expectations were far exceeded! The breadth of knowledge and intensity by the coaches Amber and Jessie was fantastic! The girls loved the practices and the game-like competitions and the time flew by! They really looked up to these young talented athletes. This camp provided a team training and team building that was worth every penny!

Cindy Guthrie – Blackhawk High School, PA

I enjoyed how the AAVC coaches came into our gym and worked our girls to their max! It played right into the type of intensity that I want our girls achieve every practice and game!

Kenny Vogt – St. Mary’s High School, PA

The All American Volleyball Camp was very helpful to my girls. The instructors were great. They went from one activity to another with hardly any downtime. The transitions were smooth, so we never lost valuable teaching time. They stayed after every day to help the girls with individual skills. One thing they helped my girls with was passing and defense. This past season my team played the best defense I have seen since I have been coaching!

Shannon WernerDallastown High School, PA

Recently your staff conducted a three day camp at our school and the results and benefits to our athletes far exceeded our expectations. Having this camp at our facility allowed our athletes to learn skills along with the discipline to be successful as a team without any outside distractions by other schools’ attendees. Your staff has an excellent ability to work with athletes of all skill levels and there was not one athlete that did not improve drastically with their volleyball skills by the end of camp. They also learned what it takes from a mental point of view to become a winning program. This mental conditioning was not anticipated and was an added bonus to all that attended the camp. In addition, no one was lost in the ‘crowd’ as happens when an athlete attends a large camp with numbers that does not allow individual training as your camp provides. We are looking forward to having your staff to conduct another camp next summer. Thanks again for your tremendous help in improving our program.

Jim FosselmanLewistown Area High School, PA

I’ve been coaching for over 20 years, and I am always looking for ways to improve my team. The All American Volleyball Clinic provided that opportunity. The clinicians, Roberta and Erin, were great! They were always positive and encouraging and the girls really enjoyed learning from them. They didn’t come in with any ‘canned agenda’. They asked me what I waned my team to work on and where they needed to improve. I told them, and they ran with it. The best testimony really comes from the players – ‘They were great.’ ‘We had a lot of fun.’ ‘It was tough but we learned a lot.’ ‘Can we do this again next year?’ If you are looking for a skill-specific way to work your team in the off-season, this is it.

Tony CrisafulliNorth Star High School, PA

My high school players were in complete awe of the coaches….They learned how the game SHOULD be played, how to think and move like an athlete. What a wonderful opportunity to have actual players come and teach my girls!

Erica Vogt – St. Marys Area, PA

I saw improvement in my players day 1 of the camp. Our passing was mediocore at best. After an intense passing session where our players were constantly reminded about the basics they had just reviewed with the coaches, they were put through drills to practice their passing in game situations and I was so impressed. Passes right to target!

Wendy Holtry – Shippensburg High School, PA

Last summer my program had the opportunity to participate in a three day camp conducting by Erin and Roberta from All American Volleyball Camps. I thought it was an outstanding camp. From the time they first addressed the girls until the wrap up session the camp was well organized with vital technical content, fast paced, motivational and a lot of fun for the girls. We incorporated much of the fundamentals and drills that we were taught into our daily practice. I really believe they were a key component in helping my team reach the state tournament this year.

Karen MartiniSeneca Valley High School, PA 


AAVC was great! Being able to host the camp in our home gym was convenient and cost effective for my players and their families. The coaches worked on what I asked them to strengthen in my players, which gave us a jump art on the season.

Tracy Simmons- Peabody, TN

Kelci and Chandler gave our girls the best overall fundamental practice I could have asked for while also making sure we set aside time to focus on what we had discussed before camp started. I went into this camp not sure who was going to be setting for us in this coming season, and I came out of this camp with a setter. They gave us exactly what we needed.

Michaela Walters – Scotts Hill High School, TN

Myself and my players thoroughly enjoy the All American Camp experience. The coaches create an environment that encompasses both hard work and fun, which the players really enjoy. Not only do my players learn a lot from this experience, but I also learn a lot from this experience.

Sarah Cragon St. Cecilia Academy 2018, TN

Myself and my players thoroughly enjoy the All American Camp experience. The coaches create an environment that encompasses both hard work and fun, which the players really enjoy. Not only do my players learn a lot from this experience, but I also learn a lot from this experience.

Sarah Cragon – St. Cecilia Academy, TN

Our coaches were amazing! I really liked the one on one. We have always went to camps. After having these coaches we will definitely be contacting you all next year!

Kimberly McNeal University School of Jackson, TN


The All-American camp was hands down the best team camp I have been a part of. I loved the ability to have the camp geared to our programs needs. The coaches were absolutely AMAZING!!!! They came in prepared, pushed my players to the best of their ability, and help set the tone for 2-A-Days. We will be doing this in the years to come!!!!

Shay Douglas- Stephanville, TX

AAVBC is a well oiled machine. I’m glad we are a part of your machine. Thank you.

Alysia Hill – Victoria West High School, TX

Our All American coaches delivered a camp experience that was tailor-made for our team! They pushed our girls to improve, and they ran drills that worked on areas we needed the most help with.

Katie Hoff – Frassati Catholic High School, TX

Loved how flexible our coaches were! They were able to make adjustments based on my team’s ability level and my requests.

Alexa Rasche – TX

AAVC is the best way to kick-start your season. It’s truly a treat to see your athletes working with such a talented coaching staff. We all learned new drills and strategies to better our program.

Kristen Spencer – Calhoun, TX

Our coaches made the experience fun, insightful and intense for our girls. Overall, we are very satisfied with the quality of the camp and how easy it is to book a camp with AAVC.

Miriam Garcia – United High School, TX

We have had AAVC camps for our athletes for several years now and it has always been a very positive learning experience for our girls. AAVC does an amazing job teaching the skills of the game in a very positive way.

Cris Tapia – Crystal City, TX

High intensity, tea-mspecific instruction, fun, and dynamic training right at my fingertips. It couldn’t get any better. Thank you AAVBC.

Alysia Hill – Victoria West High School, TX

I can’t brag enough on the camp. Our coaches truly lined up with my coaching philosophy and worked our girls hard. They were particular about ball control and making good decisions. They kept them moving at all times and the pace of the camp was perfect. The girls really had fun and learned a lot! I picked up a few new drills, too! I’m so thankful for this experience!

Kristin Spencer  Calhoun High School, TX

Incredible coaches! Erin and Steve are very efficient

Gary Garcia – Pecos High School, TX

Great experience for the girls as well as my coaching staff! It is always wonderful to hear the same skills taught with a different vocabulary, and perhaps a different emphasis. Will definitely ask All-American back in the future!

Crystal Fenoglio Trinity Valley School, TX

Our coaches were excellent with the girls. They constantly gave verbal feedback, were quick to make adjustments and challenged our girls. Above all, the girls had fun. The coaches were extremely knowledgeable about the game and were more than willing to offer that knowledge with everyone.

Miriam Garcia United High School, TX

My girls loved the coaches. Drills were intense, yet everyone could participate. What a great experience for my team!

Jill Barkey Alvarado High School, TX

This was absolutely the best camp for our kids. The coaches were superb. They were very positive, knowledgeable and communicated with the athletes at their level.

Debbie Garcia Pecos High School, TX

AAVC was one of the best experiences I have had as a head coach. My kids really looked up to the coaches and they were willing to learn from them. Both the coaches spent time teaching the kids the basics as necessary but also taught them to think about the game at the next level. I highly recommend this camp.

Kari Sowders Lorena High School, TX

It was a great camp experience for our athletes. They could hear and see someone different, but with the same information about volleyball.

Jenny Bowden Lampasas High School, TX

The coaches that were sent to us were amazing with the girls. Not only were the workouts intense, but the girls felt comfortable enough to seek advice for college. All-American Volleyball Camps is an extremely inexpensive camp for the product that you are getting. Thanks again!

Laura Fortner – Porter High School, TX

We are a 4A school in Texas, and I was so thankful to have such experienced and knowledgeable ladies come in to work with my girls! I think that my players appreciated and respected the fact that our coaches had played for such elite schools and as European professionals. I will definitely be signing up for a camp next summer and would love to have Allison and Jenny back!!!

Cynthia Burton – Sherman High School, TX

My team had never done a camp like this. We had a great week filled with a focus on fundamentals, advice on defense, and a lot of fun. I would HIGHLY recommend this to other campuses and I will doing it again.

Elizabeth KonKolics – YES Prep Academy, TX

The coaches that were sent to us were amazing with the girls. Not only were the workouts intense, but the girls felt comfortable enough to seek advice for college. All-American Volleyball Camps is an extremely inexpensive camp for the product that you are getting. Thanks again!

Laura Fortner – Gladys Porter High School, TX

I was introduced to the American Volleyball Camp the summer before coaching my first volleyball season and have participated since that year. There are several aspects of the camp that I appreciated and enjoyed, and the girls also appreciated the opportunity. First, the coaches were approachable, energetic, and knowledgeable. One of the girls told me she appreciated the camp because she could ask questions and not feel embarrassed for doing so. Secondly, the coaches were able to pinpoint each girls’ skill level and teach to their individual needs by dividing the girls into smaller skill level groups leading to a more personalized experience. Lastly, (and most importantly) my girls have asked about the camp since the first experience hoping to be able to attend again. The girls truly enjoyed it and were amazed at the noticeable improvement in their skills by the end of the camp. I learned some great drills for my girls to do during the season, and I was able to ask advice of the coaches at the camp. We all enjoyed the camp and look forward to participating again this next summer.

Julie JackmanAwty International High School, TX

We tried the All American Volleyball Camp at Bishop Dunne Catholic School for the first time in the summer of 2008. We had one of the best season in the school’s history. We were more competitive in pool play in tournaments, we were able to install a new, fast-paced offense, our serve receive was better than it had been in years, and we ended the pre-season with an impressive 9-3 record. In district, we were more competitive than ever. I highly recommend the camp. It paid off for us.

Mike KistnerBishop Dunne Catholic School, TX

As a first year varsity volleyball coach, I had many concerns and worries as I was entering a new phase in my coaching career. The previous coach had used All American Volleyball Camps before, and she spoke very highly of them. We had around 25 high school students who registered and participated in this camp, and they were taught very well by the instructors of All American Volleyball Camps. The coaches that helped my team also helped me in many areas including drills, personnel, and everything else you could think of. I highly recommend any team at any level to use the All American Volleyball Camps.

Blake PerkinsDallas Christian High School, TX

This was our first experience with All American Volleyball, and they did a great job of making our first camp run smoothly. The coaches that came to our school were knowledgeable, reliable, enthusiastic, and a lot of fun. Unlike other similar programs, All American took care of coaches travel arrangements and lodging. Over 55 campers were moving non-stop for three days with a camp designed specific to our needs. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend All American to any Texas high school coach.

Kathy CoeEpiscopal High School, TX

The All American Volleyball Camp was an awesome experience. It really had a major impact on my varsity team’s overall season. The individual and team skills greatly improved as well as the overall attitude. The coach that Steve sent us (Kim) was extremely knowledgeable and a great role model. I would highly recommend the camp for any level needing the extra TLC.

Laura T. GonzalezLa Joya High School, TX

All American Volleyball Camps came to our school over the summer. It was a great experience for us! The girls got a good, intense workout for three days! It gave them some time for team bonding and to get physically and mentally ready for tryouts!

Candice CollinsWoodlands College Park High School, TX


I have been using All American Volleyball camps for over 25 years. It is a huge advantage to hold camp in our high school gym. The cost for All American Camps are so reasonable and the quality of coaching is excellent!! I have never been disappointed!

Patty Brandt – Connell, WA

The is the most cost affordable camp with great coaches! My players learned a lot from the coaches and are excited to return to camp again next year!

Diana Evans – Thomas Jefferson High School, WA

I have sent my athletes to All American Camp for over ten years and I have never been disappointed. The coaches are knowledgeable and take your team from where they’re at and help them realize their potential. My teams always walk away from camp excited and ready for their high school season.

Jackie Carel – Enumclaw, WA

Our program always loves the coaches we get assigned from AAVC. The coaches have excellent knowledge, great energy and know how to push the players while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Dominique Atherley – Bainbridge High School, WA

Carrie and Megan were so fun and enjoyable. They had great ideas for to make the camp not only fun but challenging as well. The coaches were able to adjust perfectly to the needs of the group and help every girl regardless of skill level. We were so lucky to start off our season with Carrie and Megan!

Kristin Robinson – Rainier High School, WA

Rese and Aubrey were awesome. Aubrey and I talked the week before camp, and I was able to share my goals for camp. They definitely catered camp to my girls, and did a great job especially considering the variety of ages and skills. They established great report with the girls and communicated and demonstrated skills effectively. The camp was a fantastic medley of teaching, modeling, skills practice and also fun, engaging games. Several of the girls commented on how much they liked the coaches and enjoyed the camp. It was a great overall experience for our program.

Paige Huttula – Mount Baker High School, WA

All American Volleyball Camps gave my girls the opportunity to hit the ground running day one of tryouts. The camp was hosted at my school, and my boosters’ only responsibility was to have the nets set up. All other aspects were organized and ready to go. Steve and his crew of coaches did an outstanding job. Our coach was a former All American from the University of Florida. She was very knowledgeable and ran outstanding drills. Team play consisted of many wash-type drills, so the amount of touches on the ball was very high. I highly recommend this camp. It is a great way to tune up your team in August!

Momi BowlesAuburn Mountainview High School, WA

For the past seven years, the All American Volleyball Camp has been a great experience for our varsity level players by giving them the opportunity to train and compete against live competition prior to the start of our season. The staff is excellent and the camp is highly organized. This is a wonderful opportunity for any varsity team.

Chris LeverenzAuburn Riverside High School, WA

The individual skill camp has been a terrific experience for my players because it’s structured to the needs and abilities of my team each summer. The athletes have made noticeable improvement at the end of each camp, and I can see a renewed interest in the game by the the players when they are on the court. The camp allows all three of our school teams to begin the school season at a much higher skill level.

Gaylene PageEastlake High School, WA

Over the past six years I’ve had ten different All Americans come to our gym. It’s been a terrific experience for our players! It’s also been a great clinic for our coaching staff to be able to see what’s being taught at the top university programs. I would recommend this camp to any high school coach in the state of Washington.

Patty BrandtForks High School, WA

I enjoy working with the high quality coaches that All American offers. It improves my skills as a high school coach, and it gives my players an opportunity to experience other coaching and playing techniques.

Shannon HuntHockinson High School, WA

We have had All American come for the last 5 years and have enjoyed each year. We were again sent some outstanding coaches and they worked very well with our players. The coaches made my players experience enjoyable but still worked them hard and taught the game and skills of volleyball very well.

Mary OpitzKamiakin High School,WA


Easy as 1, 2, 3! Coaches were great and kids loved every drill, and every ounce of feedback!

Rena Tomaszewski Weyauwega-Fremont High School, WI

AAVC was a great experience for our players and coaches. We were able to customize the camp to suit the specific needs of our team, and the coaches did a fantastic job adjusting on the fly to work with our players varied abilities.

Liz Kneer- Waupaca High School, WI

I have used All American Volleyball for two summers. The coaches are knowledgeable, relate well to the players and push them to try new skills. They camp is well run and I have been able to see significant growth from the beginning to end of the camp. It was completely worth it!

Kelsey Schmit- Belleville, WI

This was our fourth year using AAVC, and once again it did not disappoint! Our coaches were so knowledgeable. They were tough and intense, but they made the camp so much fun. We needed work with our middles, setters, and defense. They addressed all of those needs so well. The younger players are already talking about how excited they are for next year’s camp.

Jamie Roecker- Winnebago Lutheran Academy, WI

The coaches were very personable and knowledgeable and the kids loved them. The overall process of getting the camp up and running the first time was very easy and we will be doing it again next year.

Terri Toninato – Ronald Reagan High School, WI

AAVC has been coming to Superior for 7 + years, each year has gone above expectations.

Coach Brenda – Superior, WI

Coaches are fabulous and do a wonderful job teaching my players. Steve and Erin and so easy to work with and are always on top of things. I have used AAVC for several years now and I wouldn’t go with any other camp.

Tori Leonard – Pecatonica High School, WI

These coaches were absolutely amazing! They did an excellent job communicating to the players on the mentality of the game as well as on the skills that would make them better volleyball players. They took the time to thoroughly teach the basics of each skill and pushed them to work hard to develop new skills. Their knowledge and coaching skills were invaluable to the players as well as the coaching staff.

Erica Moeser – Cambridge High School, WI

Both Ashley and Taylor were knowledgeable and fun to work with. They brought their excitement for the game and demonstrated their skills, too! They were able to communicate well with the players and coach as well. Even better, they could relate to the players and the players respected them.

Raquel Parish – Cambridge High School, WI

I have worked with All American Camps at a few different schools where I have coached and the coaches always do a wonderful job!
Whitney and Ashley were AMAZING! They really were able to connect with my players! They were fantastic and I would request them every year if I could!

Tori Leonard – Pecatonica High School, WI


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